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At Davis Vision, we cultivate growth through sound relationships with eye care providers across the country, and we champion ethical business practices that afford the fairest prices and unrivaled care for every hardworking family in America.


Care and Coverage

See through the eyes of someone effected by glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy, presbyopia, glare, and macular degeneration - experience the impact these common conditions have on sight. How would your daily activities be impacted? What moments would you lose; whose faces would you miss?
Sight is precious; take care of your eyes with regular exams and proper eye wear.   More ►




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Learn your risks and potential savings

With health care costs at an all-time high, consumers are looking for ways to manage their own preventative care to keep costs low – and good health within reach. Determine potential health issues, estimate productivity loss and calculate possible medical expenses an eye exam can prevent.   More ►


Vision Plan ROI Estimator

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A health care cost savings calculator

As health care costs rise, companies look for ways to save. But a premium vision benefit can be a powerful part of your solution. Vision plans that cover quality eye wear and comprehensive eye exams can reduce medical costs and boost employee productivity. This calculator can show potential savings!   More ►




Put Your Best Fit Fwd!

Encourage a spirit of wellness among your colleagues and employees with this self-branded Wellness Program.  An effective wellness program like Fit Fwd can offer a company happier employees and significant savings in medical cost and productivity loss.    More ►



Open Enrollment with Davis Vision

Open Enrollment with Davis Vision

Your eyes are your windows to the world

Taking proper care of your eyes should always be easy and affordable. It's nice knowing they're framed by a great vision care plan.  At Davis Vision, we believe everyone deserves access to quality, style and fit in eye wear.


And, we believe cost should never be a barrier to eye health.


Low out-of-pocket vision care costs

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Meet Jenny

Through work, she recently enrolled with Davis Vision, and is excited to use her vision benefits.

Getting started is easy. She just signs in at, quickly locates an in-network provider, and schedules her appointment




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Now your benefit detail is as mobile as you are

We at Davis Vision have made recent enhancements to our mobile application. To access the new features, download the app on your iOS or Android mobile device and log in with the same username and password you use to access your account online.