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At Davis Vision, we cultivate growth through sound relationships with eye care providers across the country, and we champion ethical business practices that afford the fairest prices and unrivaled care for every hardworking family in America.


Care and Coverage

Benefits that meet your needs

We equip organizations with benefits that meet the needs of the people who are a part of it, and we empower them to stay healthy, spend wisely and see clearly. We provide a better vision benefit: low-cost, low-stress coverage with plan options that give people more. And we are the only managed vision care company built to decrease mark ups and keep money where it belongs – in the pockets of our members.   More ►


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Offering fully-covered, stylish frames

Available at nearly 9,000 locations, the Exclusive Collection is an assortment of on-trend frames with retail price tags up to $195, available exclusively to Davis Vision members for no more than $40 out-of-pocket, often for nothing at all. That’s $195 frames for $0 at time of service!     More ►



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Because accidents happen

Sit on them, step on them - we understand accidents happen. That’s why we offer the industry’s only free breakage warranty for up to one year on plan-covered glasses.




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Helping ensure and maintain sight and vision wellness

Millions of Americans have diabetes, and we aim to help them see better…longer with Assured I and II. Through these diabetic outreach programs, we connect with people who may be affected by the disease and guide them to the care and services they need.



Learn about Transitions® Signature® lenses

Learn about Transitions® Signature® lenses





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No more glasses. No more contacts

Our members receive the lowest prices on LASIK procedures guaranteed, making permanent vision correction a more affordable solution than ever. For people who are ready to see clearly without glasses or contacts, offer LASIK through Davis Vision.     More ►





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Encourage a spirit of wellness

What’s the return on a vision benefit? What conditions are you personally at risk for, and how much could they cost you? And how can you foster wellness in your organization? The real value of vision benefits goes far beyond frames and lenses - with Fit Fwd, members learn why an eye exam should be part of their regular health routine.     More ►


Epic Hearing

Hear the world clearly

Hearing the world clearly is important, so we partner with EPIC Hearing Healthcare to provide quality, affordable hearing care to our members. Offer your organization access to the largest network of audiologists and ENTs in the country and save up to 60% off retail prices on brand name hearing aids.      More ►





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Lens technology and terms can get pretty technical, but their prices should always be easy to understand. Our customers can count on paying the same price for lens options and upgrades, regardless of where they choose to use their in-network benefits.     More ►