Why offer a wellness program?

Effective wellness programs like Fit Fwd can result in happier employees and substantial savings in health care costs and productivity loss.

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improved attendance
Improved attendance

Companies that offer wellness programs usually see a 28% reduction in sick days.

savings in healthcare costs
Savings in health care costs

On average, companies that offer a wellness program can see a 26% reduction in health care costs.

Happy and Loyal Employees
Happy and loyal employees

28% of employees feel more satisfied and are more loyal at companies who offer a wellness program.

What's your potential ROI?

Using our vision plan ROI estimator, simply enter your company's specific workforce data (or use the national averages provided) to see the potential savings your company may gain by investing in a premium vision benefit.

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How vision care enhances overall wellness

An annual eye exam is an impactful investment in overall wellness and reveals more than just how well you can see.

eye exams are quick and easy
Eye exams are quick and easy

Typically lasting less than an hour, an eye exam consists of safe and non-invasive tests.

effective means of prevention
Effective means of prevention

Over 25 non vision-related health conditions can be detected through an eye exam. For diseases like diabetes and hypertension, this opportunity for early diagnosis is crucial for better outcomes.

vision benefits have proven ROI
Vision benefits have proven ROI

Taking medical cost savings and productivity gains into account, investing in a premium vision benefit can yield a return of 15 to 1, basedc on workforce demographics.


Are you at risk for these conditions?

Answer a few questions about who your are to calculate your potential risk for eye-related diseases and vision problems, and see how early detection through an eye eam can save you time and money.

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Fit Fwd Fit Kit: A workplace wellness enhancer

Promote the spirit of wellness and provide continuous encouragement in the workplace with the Fit Fwd Fit Kit's impactful resources and functional tools. With print-ready materials and templates, you can get started in under 10 minutes.

Personal activity tracker
Personal activity tracker

Empower employees to seek an active lifestyle with these printable activity trackers.

email series on wellness
Email series on wellness

Educate and motivate your team with regular emails on healthy living and more.

motivational certificates
Motivational certificates

Celebrate milestone achievements with print-ready certificates.

health and wellness flyers
Health & wellness flyers

Increase awareness of health risks with these printable flyers on wellness and safety.

personal nutrition journal
Personal nutrition journal

Employees can track what they eat, water intake, and overall nutrition.

Download the Fit Fwd Fit Kit

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