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Broker FAQs

Why Davis Vision?
Headquartered in San Antonio, we are one of the largest managed vision care companies in the nation. In 2015, over six million claims were submitted, which means our members value the benefits they receive. We work side-by-side with over 1,900 clients, representing over 22 million members, ensuring they have access to the eye care they deserve. Our competitive advantages continue to expand because our end-to-end integrated model consisting of vision care, retail and manufacturing controls costs while simultaneously delivering outstanding value, quality and choice for our members and clients.

How can I sell Davis Vision products or request a proposal? 
For groups under 500, call 1-888-234-5240.
For groups larger than 500, call 1-866-227-0555. 

What type of vision plans do you offer?
To learn more about Davis Vision’s products and services, click here

What information is required for a proposal request?
Send your request via e-mail for small groups (under 500) and for large groups (over 500) to … inclusive of ZIP codes (if possible). Please include these few simple items:

  • Company Name
  • Situs State
  • Group Size
  • Effective Date
  • Requested Plan Design
  • Contribution: Employee-Paid, Employer-Paid or Contributory
  • Commission
  • ZIP Code Census for Eligible Employees

How long does it take to obtain a proposal?
For groups under 500: Contact our 10-500 Group Market division at 1-888-234-5240 to receive within three days.

For groups over 500: The turnaround for a standard proposal is three to five business days. However, we can accommodate tighter deadlines when needed. Turnaround for full-scale RFP response that includes questions and answers is 5 - 10 business days. 

Group Qualification: We require a minimum of 10 enrollees in order to establish a group. 
How quickly can a standard group be implemented?
Davis Vision benefit plans are effective on the first of the month. To guarantee proper implementation, Davis Vision requires thirty-day advance notice for account installation. All enrollment requirements must be met before the effective date. 
Can members receive care from the provider of their choice? 
Davis Vision plans offer members the freedom to visit any provider of their choice. Of course, members receive the greatest benefit value when they visit one of our network providers. 

Do you offer individual vision coverage?
Davis Vision programs are designed as true group products, and are not designed for portability with conversion to individual policies, nor direct billing of participants.

What is your position on Telehealth Services?
Davis Vision/Superior Vision support telehealth services to improve access and quality of care while reducing costs. Click here to read the position statement

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