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Value Quality Choice


Because of our integrated system, we are able to deliver a premium quality eyecare experience at a fair price. The difference is simply the benefit of dealing with one firm as opposed to many.

Eyewear is marked up each time it moves from one supplier to another. In practice, eyewear consumers can pay up to 300% over costs. We believe everyone has the right to see at an affordable price!

Davis Vision
Member Cost
Retail Cost
$10 Eye Examination $100
FREE Collection Frames $150
$90 Premium Progressive Lens $250
$30 Polycarbonate Lens $60
$48 Premium Anti-Reflective Coating $110
FREE One Year Breakage Warranty $25
$178 Total $695
*Assumes benefit w/$10 copay on exam and a Collection frame purchase
Source: Derived from internal provider data, 2013


Davis Vision’s glasses are crafted in the same manner and with the same materials as the eyewear you might see in a boutique. They have proven to be popular with today’s consumers. Our lenses are of the highest quality and include the best-selling lens materials. Our eyewear is fabricated in our state-of-the-art facilities located right here in the United States.

Materials and Quality
  • Variety of frame shapes from classic to modern
  • Update styling in polished metals and rich classic colors
  • High quality, durable frame materials
  • Eyewear manufactured in the U.S.
  • Scratch resistant to ensure highest quality protection
  • Full array of enhancements including twice coated, anti-reflective treatments
  • Polycarbonate available, among the most thin, light and impact-resistant lens materials in the market
  • All lenses meet American National Standards Institute requirements


Where You Want to Receive Care

Members can choose from more than 40,000 providers, including optometrists and ophthalmologists, at independent and retail locations in our provider network. Ninety percent of members can choose providers within a 10-minute drive — your choice.

The Style You Want

Seventy percent of members choose frames from the Davis Vision Exclusive Collection with little or no out-of-pocket expense with over 9,300 independent locations that offer the Collection. Members can use their frame allowance to choose any frame from Davis Vision providers. If they shop at Visionworks, they can select from over 2,000 frames. It’s a matter of personal style — and your choice.