Harry Weaver

Detroit Vision Screenings

Partnership brings hope to Michigan kids

Were it not for Davis Vision, these children would never have glasses.
- Harry Weaver
Harry Weaver

Since 2008, Focus on America® has delivered free eye care services to children in Detroit, where residents have been struggling to cope with the effects of a beleaguered economy. For two of those three years, Harry Weaver of the Prince Hall Masons of Michigan has worked closely with Davis Vision to bring in members of the community. “The children who receive these services are living in impoverished areas, where things like eyeglasses are a luxury,” said Harry. “Were it not for Davis Vision, many of these children would never have glasses.”

Harry knows that for many attendees at the free vision screenings, the advertised services appear too good to be true. “I spoke with a woman who did not have the resources to get her young son the eyeglasses he desperately needed,” said Harry. “She saw the event flyer while she was collecting bottles and cans off of the street in an effort to get enough money for his glasses. She was near tears when she thanked us over and over again.”

The Brothers of Redeemer Lodge #53 operate in a high-need area, and provide help by feeding the homeless, installing free smoke detectors, and taking advantage of Davis Vision’s commitment to national community outreach. “The ‘Focus on America’ program has given us yet another vehicle by which we can assist those less fortunate than ourselves, and for that we are immensely grateful,” said Harry.