Neediest Kids: Bridge to Success

Outreach assists students in nation’s capital

A simple pair of eyeglasses can transform a child's life.
- Lynne Filderman
Neediest Kids: Bridge to Success

Neediest Kids works with Washington D.C. area schools to provide basic necessities for K-12 students so they can stay in school and focus on learning. Through a partnership initiated with Davis Vision and Hour Eyes® in March 2009, students have also received over $200,000 in vision care.

“For the cost of the services for one child, we are helping six children,” says Neediest Kids’ Executive Director Lynne Filderman. Having read about Davis Vision’s community outreach program, Filderman contacted them to propose a partnership. She had an immediate, enthusiastic commitment.

“Davis Vision made it clear from the beginning that their primary motivation is helping kids in need through their Focus on AmericaSM program,” says Lynne. The partnership is one of Neediest Kids’ first business relationships allowing necessities to be purchased at the lowest prices. It is also one of its most efficient. The process of children receiving eyewear is speedy and well- organized offering a savings of over $200 per service.

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