PHMC: Philadelphia

Community partnership targets Philadelphia

These services have truly transformed the lives of our patients.
- Elaine Fox
PHMC: Philadelphia

Similar to other large cities, Philadelphia’s homeless population is underserved and overlooked. The city’s Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) partners with Mary Howard Health Center and Davis Vision to provide free vision care. Mary Howard Health Center also offers much needed health care and is the only center in Philadelphia that serves exclusively homeless people. “Many of our patients have long-standing chronic health problems, such as diabetes and hypertension. Optometric care is a crucial component to diagnosing and treating these problems,” says Elaine Fox, PHMC’s vice president of specialized services.

“Davis Vision has provided us the services of Dr. Hill-Bennett as well as free eyeglasses,” says Elaine. “These services have truly transformed the lives of our patients.” She states that many patients have never had an eye exam. “A large number of cases of glaucoma and other conditions that threaten vision have been diagnosed, and further treatment has begun,” she says. “The optometric services provided by Davis are invaluable to the community.”