Why Davis Vision?

Our operating philosophy is centered around three pillars Value, Quality, and Choice. We sustain our competitive advantage and continue to expand because our end-to-end integrated model can control costs while simultaneously delivering outstanding value, quality and choice for our members and clients.



For Members-

Davis Vision created an end-to-end business model that removes the middlemen and their markups – without sacrificing quality or choice. This creates a lower out-of-pocket cost for our members while maintaining cost transparency in eyewear, because everyone has a right to see at an affordable price.

Davis Vision's array of vision benefit plans offer:

  • The broadest array of paid-in-full coverage
  • Low member out-of-pocket cost 
  • The highest benefit allowances compared with other standard vision plans 
  • The highest use of covered-in-full frame coverage; 7 out of 10 members choose a Davis Vision Collection frame!  

For Clients-

Davis Vision plans are simply hard to beat: competitive rates, flexible plan designs and funding options, and an outstanding provider network. No wonder more than 97% of our clients renew their plan with us! 

Davis Vision consistently delivers:

  • Low premiums and multi-year rate guarantees
  • Low renewal increases and multi-year rate guarantees
  • Low annual benefit inflation trending at <2% per year
  • Wellness-focused disease management programs to ensure optimal member health and lower overall health care costs



    Davis Vision delivers an unbeatable combination of cost savings, unmatched product choices and a variety of convenient provider locations (private office and retail settings). Our integrated system allows us to deliver a premium quality eyecare experience at a fair price.

    Our model is designed to offer vision benefit plans that reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs and are offered at the most competitive rates industry-wide, resulting in a seamless member experience and outstanding value for our clients and their members

    Operational excellence!

    • The industry's only one-year eyeglass breakage warranty
    • Davis Vision's laboratories are COLTS-certified for Prescription Accuracy and FDA conformance  
    • Davis Vision's laboratories are certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards
    • Continual investments in state-of-the-art lens technology
    • URAC-accredited member Website
    • NCQA-certified network provider credentialing process handled fully by Davis Vision


    Davis Vision integrated a comprehensive eyecare model that offers global frame design with top fashion brands and state-of-the-art fabrication labs producing custom orders to over 42,000 points of provider access. Over 56 million members enjoy the low out-of-pocket costs and freedom of choice that only Davis Vision can deliver.

    Total member flexibility to: 

    • Choose any frame at their provider's office
    • Select the most popular lens options at significant savings
    • Visit any of our providers at more than 42,000 points of access (retail or private practice)