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Davis Vision has the administrative flexibility to provide a vast array of vision care plans. These plans are structured to ensure optimal cost-benefit results for both our clients and our members.

Our core catalog of products includes:


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Davis Vision offers Transitions® Signature® lenses exclusively to its members at a co-pay of $65. Transitions Signature lenses continuously adapt to changing light conditions to bring out the best in everything you see. These lenses begin to darken instantly, as soon as you step outdoors, and are fast to fade back to clear when you return indoors. Transitions Signature lenses are especially suited for members who are interested in outdoor comfort and value fully clear lenses indoors. 

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Hybrid Program

Combined with our Affinity Discount Program for discounts on eyewear, the Hybrid Program provides funded coverage for eye examinations.

Comprehensive Vision Care Program

Our comprehensive vision care programs are two-fold, including a routine eye examination and prescription eyewear at the frequency and benefit level chosen by the client. Costs related to these programs are based on plan specifications, funding structure, and the geographic location of members.

Eye Health & Wellness/Disease Management Programs

These programs are designed to support your wellness and disease management initiatives in order to educate members on reducing the risk of vision loss while advocating the importance of improving overall health.

Occupational Programs

Davis Vision offers Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Safety Eyewear Programs. These programs can be offered on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with the routine eye care benefit. When bundled, economies are achieved by virtue of one eye examination, providing the prescription needs for both the routine and occupational eyewear with no additional administrative fee.

For full details about all of our vision benefits plans, contact your local Davis Vision account executive, client manager or E-mail us.

Affinity Discount Program

This program offers significant discounts on both professional eye care services and materials.