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Broker FAQs

Why Davis Vision?
Our operating philosophy is centered around three pillars Transparency, Accessibility, and Simplicity. We sustain our competitive advantage and continue to expand because our end-to-end integrated model can control costs while simultaneously delivering outstanding value, quality and choice for our members and clients. For more information, click here.

Disease Management and Wellness
Contact your local Davis Vision team to discuss the opportunity to partner with us to enhance the client's Disease Management and Wellness Strategy.

How can I sell Davis Vision products?
Just click here, fill out the form and click submit. Our representative will contact you to discuss our programs and how we can work together to meet your needs.

What type of vision plans do you offer?
To learn more about Davis Vision’s products and services, click here.

How do I request a proposal?
For groups under 500, please contact our 10-500 Group Market division at 1-888-234-5240.
For groups that are larger than 500, please contact Jana DeLong at 1-518-220-6456.

What information is required for a proposal request?
Send your request via e-mail for small groups (under 500) and for large groups (over 500) to … inclusive of ZIP codes (if possible). Please include these few simple items:

  • Group Name
  • Group Location
  • Contact Information
  • Group Size
  • Requested plan design specifications (including benefit frequency, allowances, copayments etc.) Need help designing a plan? Contact your sales representative!
  • Funding: Self-insured (ASO) or Fully Insured
  • Contribution: Employee-Paid (Voluntary), Employer-Paid (Funded) or Contributory (for example 50% Employee-Paid and 50% Employer-Paid)
  • Commission (if applicable)
  • Census data of eligible employees, inclusive of ZIP codes (if possible)

In addition to the information above, if the group has a current vision plan, the following items will help us further customize our proposal to meet your needs:

  • Current plan design specifications
  • Funding: Self-insured (ASO) or Fully Insured
  • Contribution: Employee-Paid (Voluntary), Employer-Paid (Funded) or Contributory (for example 50% Employee-Paid and 50% Employer-Paid)
  • Current rates/rates history
  • Paid claims and cost of administration
  • Number of paid claims & membership history (employees + dependents)
  • Usage by service (e.g., # exams, # frames, # lenses etc.)
  • Number of employees enrolled in the program
  • Number of employees that used the benefit
  • Number of employees by tier (e.g. how many enrolled in Employee Only vs. Family coverage, etc.)
  • Total number of lives covered (employee and dependent counts combined and separately)
  • How long has current vendor held vision contract? Prior vendors? When vision plan was first implemented.

How long does it take to obtain a proposal?
For groups under 500: Log in and use our online quoting tool to obtain plan designs and rates immediately! Or contact our 10-500 Group Market division at 1-888-234-5240.

For groups over 500: The turnaround for a standard proposal is three to five business days. However, we can accommodate tighter deadlines when needed. Turnaround for full-scale RFP response that includes questions and answers is based on the due date specified within the RFP.

Group Qualification: We require a minimum of 10 enrollees in order to establish a group.

Rating Tiers
Our standard rating tiers are:

  • Single tier
    • Employee Only
  • Two Tier
    • Employee Only
    • Employee + Family
  • Three Tier
    • Employee Only
    • Employee + 1
    • Employee + Family
  • Four Tier
    • Employee Only
    • Employee + Spouse
    • Employee and Child(ren)
    • Employee + Family

Please note: for groups under 500 employees, Single Tier rates are not available.

Applicable when the employer desires a per-employee rate for each family unit covered. The composite rate is to be used for each employee, regardless of family size. A composite rate is only available for groups over 500.

Effective Date
Davis Vision benefit plans are effective on the first of the month. To guarantee proper implementation, Davis Vision requires thirty-day advance notice for account installation. All enrollment requirements must be met before the effective date.

Can members receive care from the provider of their choice?
Davis Vision plans offer members the freedom to visit any provider of their choice. Of course, members receive the greatest benefit value when they visit one of our network providers at more than 60,000 points of access, where many plans offer paid-in-full coverage. Some groups prefer to offer "in-network" benefits only.

Do you offer individual vision coverage?
Davis Vision programs are designed as true group products, and are not designed for portability with conversion to individual policies, nor direct billing of participants.

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