Niotha McCaa: Detroit Vision Screenings

Detroit family has vision for school

The academic struggles my grandkids had were caused by their eyesight.
- Niotha McCaa
Niotha McCaa

As the new school year got underway, Niotha McCaa recalled the vision challenges her grandchildren had the previous year. Her oldest grandchild struggled to pay attention in class and experienced frequent headaches. The others had trouble reading the computer screen--all signs of a potential vision problem.

With the high cost of exams and eyeglasses, vision care was not even on Niotha’s back-to-school list. But her spirits soared when she saw flyers in her neighborhood announcing complimentary vision screenings for children courtesy of Davis Vision, SVS Optical and United Way of Southeast Michigan. “I knew the academic struggles my grandkids had were caused by their eyesight,” says Niotha. “It’s been awhile since they had their eyes checked, so I brought all four of them here.”

Each of the four children received a voucher at the event, and will visit a local SVS Vision store for a free comprehensive exam and eyeglasses or contacts. Niotha can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing her grandkids’ vision needs have been met. “I know now they can achieve their goals,” said Niotha.