David’s Story

Health Care for the Homeless

I thank my God that I am able to sit here today... this program is worth more than gold.
- David Dupree
David Dupree

Like many others who experience hardships due to poor vision, David Dupree was struggling. “When your eyes are bad, there are a lot of things you can’t do,” says David. “When applying for a job, they’d give me an eye exam and I’d have to beg the nurse to pass me because getting a job was too important for me to fail my vision exam.”

David turned to Baltimore’s Health Care for the Homeless. Their partnership with Maryland Society for Sight and Davis Vision provides free vision services for people in need. “They examined me and I received glasses a short time later,” says David. “When I put the glasses on, it was like I was seeing for the first time all over again.”

“I worked for a union for over 20 years and I’m going back to work for them, which will put me in a whole different world,” says David. “I thank my God that I am able to share my story and hopefully, somebody will know that this program is worth more than gold. It’s a priceless program and it’s really helping a lot of people.”